Updates and upgrades

Here you can find news about Supplix

Current issues

August 2017 SUPPLIX II The new shop is coming!

  • We are planning to start the completely new Supplix portal from August 2017
  • Look forward to latest technology and advanced ergonomics
  • Existing customers/users can take along all data from shop I to shop II

January 2017: Supplix Scanner OPN2006

  • Tried and tested scanner now wireless with Bluetooth technique
  • Can be used with tablet and pc
  • Data is directly imported during the scanning process


October 2016: Supplix spiral type goods dispensing automats

  • Extension of the cabinet series by an advanced spiral type automat
  • Gentle and intelligent dispensing via a lifting system
  • User management with cost centers and personnel card

July 2016: Supplix UNIT-GUARD

  • Extension of the cabinet series for special dispensing applications
  • Keys, documents, dangerous goods ...
  • User management with cost centers and personnel card

June 2015: Supplix goods dispensing automats SUP

  • New cabinet series SUP with upscale alu front and full extension
  • Neutrally useable without constraint of suppliers
  • User management via ID cards
  • Scaleable with up to 99 cabinets + server connection

December 2014: update Supplix shop

  • Modification of the global favourite
  • Modification of user management and cost centers
  • Extended group administration