Scanner systems and RFID for a quick capture of articles

Supplix - capture, scan, send?

Capture article data quickly and flexibly!

In order to round off the c-parts concept we offer various scanner systems, that operate with many Supplix components.


On request, Supplix provides different scanners with the appropriate software and drivers for unlimited and neutral usage. Compact scanners in pocket form, durable handheld scanners, high-grade display devices, or RFID stations. Our scanners are either wired or wireless, e.g. via Bluetooth, or as mobile solution via SIM CARD.


Our devices

at a glance.

Optionally we offer barcode printers and appropriate software, too.

The all-rounder CT50


This fast and durable scanner, designed like a smartphone, leaves almost nothing to be desired. Use this device for high scanning performances in the commercial and industrial day-to-day work. This device supports LTE/4G, WLAN 802.11ac, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. It has a DUAL-SIM-SLOT for two SIM cards, and it supports Windows and Android operating systems. The device has a "2D Imager" and also scans reliably 1D and 2D barcodes. Various accessories offer many options and applications. The scanner has the protection class IP67.

The scanner talent EAD50


This branded scanner made by Honeywell, designed like a smartphone, does not leave much to be desired. The device is designed to deliver normal to medium scanning performance. The hybrid device ScanPal EDA50 combines reliability and usability in the field of mobile real-time capture via WLAN or mobile telephony(G3). The large 5-inch multi-touch display has much room to show your applications. For the capture of 1D/2D codes, an imager is integrated in the EDA50. In additon, a 5MP camera is built-in. The EDA50 has the protection class IP54, is equipped with a large 4000mAh battery, and thus is suitable for rougher warehouse surroundings.

Handy and good value OPN2!

SUPPLIX OPN2001  (wired)

SUPPLIX OPN2006  (Bluetooth)

With this 1D scanner, common 1D barcodes can be captured. With the respective linkage the data can then be used in other Supplix solutions, e.g. the shopping cart. You can choose between a wireless and a wired version.


The solid scanner A1!


This wired scanner captures barcodes, EAN numbers, and QR codes. Using this scanner facilitates the search for products as well as the putting in or taking out of products into the warehouse, resp. the Supplix automatic goods dispenser.