Intelligent goods dispensing systems

What is SupplixSUP?

Electronic goods dispensing automats - neutral, scaleable, inexpensive

Personal relief and optimized flow of material by intelligent goods dispensing systems for your warehouse, production, and administration - at Supplix this is called "modules":

SupplixSUP - SupplixSPI - SupplixPSA

Controlled withdrawal - automatic replenishment order

The system can be operated with e.g. RFID user cards or personnel cards. Due to the user's authorizations it secures the withdrawal of goods minutely up to the compartment. Depending on the network configuration, all other drawers and compartments are locked then. Among user data, you can also enter cost centers, project and order numbers. 

Withdrawals, lent articles, expiring dates, and receipts of goods can be booked and monitored. Automatic replenishment order function via internet, linkages to Supplix, ERP systems, and SQL databanks, as well as comprehensive cockpit functions with subscription service via email do not pose a problem.

Unlimited and neutral use of the Supplix system with different modules and external warehouses and cabinets are possible with the Supplix automats.

Most readily we provide advice on the 1001 possibilities of the Supplix dispensing system.

Test automats, demonstration centers, and customized solutions top the advice off.

  • Economy of process costs within the materials management
  • Cessation of internal, time-consuming order procedures
  • Automatic inventory (short inventory)
  • More flexible tool dispensing times
  • No outage caused by illness or vacations
  • Supplier-neutral, the equipping is your decision
  • Monitoring of measuring instruments, IN-OUT module
  • External warehouses manageable and integrable
  • 1001 configuration possibilities with valuable look
  • High-grade finish "made in Germany"

Trainings, support as well as little customized changes are possible upon consultation.

SUP modules

  • Wide selection of drawer cabinets with various sizes and compartments
  • Article-independent compartment control and register-like compartment solutions
  • Locker boxes also available with power connection and ventilation
  • Accessory packages and manifold special requests and colours possible

SPI modules

  • Spiral automats for a wide article selection and individual withdrawal
  • Advanced and gentle lifting system
  • Up to six levels with up to ten stainless steel spirals amount to up to 1200 pos.
  • Quick access to the levels and spirals

PSA modules

  • Fully monitored, inexpensive volume solutions with locker boxes
  • In combination also for classic bulk products such as working gloves or abrasives


Effective guard against access

Supplix UNIT-GUARD is the technological enhancement and supplement to the already successful system of the Supplix goods dispensing automats SUP.

Acquisition, leasing, free provision

Customized for your requirements

Most readily we advise you on the topic goods dispensing automats. By arrangement, we show you the systems in our demonstration center or in live operation at the customer's premises. You can begin with one cabinet and later on easily extend and modify the system. This system operates as well without other Supplix components.